Today the baby took a nap. Somehow being as tired as I am this week, got some ambition to do some landscaping. I found a few shrubs in our back acreage earlier this week that I thought would be great out by our front porch. I’m not quite sure what these are exactly. From pictures that I’ve seen, I believe these are honeysuckle bushes. Me and my 5 year old dug them up and transplanted them. He was a great helper and my certified hole checker. “So, Is it deep enough now?”. I think they look great and fill in a lot of space. We planted one white one and one pink one. It’s a start to some of our landscaping but we have a lot more work to do.


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With Spring Comes Landscaping

It’s been about a year since we moved into our new house. When we lived in our apartment in town I had started Pinterest Boards full of flowers and landscaping ideas. So many ideas!! Now that we are settled in, I’d like to get some flower beds set up. Somehow though I’m finding it hard to find the time or ambition to do it. Having a baby around makes things a bit tricky. It seems like so much work now.

Spreading grass seed we be in our near future. It will be a wonderful weekend project. Here in Wisconsin we are still waiting for the frost to be done with. I still had to scrape some off my windshield this morning before heading to work. We have had a  few days where we have had some nice weather. I was able to put some rock border around our some to be flower beds. We got some peonies, hostas, bleeding hearts, and some morning glories planted. We seeded some forget-me-nots in the house to get them going. Hopefully we will also create a garden this year. We are starting from scratch so it’s quite a process with me and my husband working full time jobs and caring for the 3 littles. Currently our yard is sand, weed, and rocks. When we have copious amounts of rain it is a mud hole. Home ownership. This is what it is. It is still better then renting. It is great to have a yard, and we love the peace and quiet.

We certainly have a lot of unfinished projects. We have both indoor and outdoor projects. The indoor projects are a whole nother story. Along with the flower beds and trying to green up our lawn, we have some landscaping that we plan to do on our retaining wall and to dress up our basement wall out. Well here are some BEFORE pictures in today’s post. I plan, in the future to post some our our finished projects!

Disclaimer: This website may contain Affiliate Ads.